Privacy Policy

This page contains the privacy policy for Exertus Oy’s website visit.

Website Visit Registry

Name of the registry: website visit registry.

Registry holder:

Contact person:

Legal Basis and Purpose of Processing Personal Data

The purpose of the registry is to ensure the security of the website. The information obtained (IP address) is only used in case of malfunctions or for investigating data breaches. Additionally, the data is used for processing contact requests submitted via the web form. The processing basis is legitimate interest.

Basis for Legitimate Interest

General web security and practices. The registry holder’s legitimate interest in processing the collected and used personal data is based on the freedom to conduct business.

Categories of Personal Data

– IP address
– Visit time
– Pages visited
– Personal data submitted via the contact form

Recipients and Recipient Groups

The limited, authorized personnel of the company providing the web hosting services.

Content of the Registry

The personal data registry contains the following information:
– IP address
– Website visit time
– Pages visited

Regular Sources of Information

– Name
– Email address

Information is obtained from the customer’s visits to the organization’s website and from the contact form.

Third-Party Tracking

The website uses Google Analytics, an analytics program. Google Analytics uses “cookies,” which are text files stored on your device that help analyze your behavior on the website. Cookies collect information about the website usage, such as:
– Browser type
– Operating system in use
– Website from which the pages were accessed (referring URL)
– Time of server request
– Host name of the receiving computer (IP address)

Data Protection

The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website is transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. The data collected by Analytics is stored for 26 months from the time of data collection. Google uses the information generated by the Analytics web analysis service to analyze the use of our website, create reports on website activities, and provide additional services related to the use of the website and the internet for the website operator. Your IP address is not combined with other Google data, as IP addresses are anonymized to prevent association.

Retention Period of Personal Data

The data is never specifically deleted.

Regular Disclosures and Transfers Outside the EU or EEA

The registry data is only accessible to the responsible persons at Exertus Oy, except when using an external service provider, in which case it is also accessible to them. Data is not disclosed to third parties or the company’s partners except in the case of data breaches and similar incidents. The website uses Google Analytics cookies, whose data may be transferred and stored on servers that may be located outside the EU and EEA.

Principles of Registry Protection

Only designated personnel of the operator and the companies acting on its behalf have the right to use the web hosting server. Each designated user has a personal username and password. The system is protected by a firewall that protects against external connections to the system. The protection and handling of the registry data comply with data protection laws, regulatory requirements, and good data processing practices.

Data Subject Rights

Right of Access: The data subject has the right to check what information about them is in the registry. The request for inspection must be made in writing by contacting Exertus or the registry contact person in Finnish or English. The request must be signed. The data subject has the right to prohibit the processing and disclosure of their data for direct marketing, distance selling, direct advertising, and market and opinion research by contacting the company’s customer service point.

Right to Data Portability: The data subject has the right to transfer their data from one system to another. The transfer request can be directed to the registry contact person.

Right to Rectify Data: Personal data in the registry that is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete, or outdated for the purpose of processing must be corrected, deleted, or supplemented. The correction request must be made in a signed written request to the personal data controller. The request must specify which data is required to be corrected and on what basis. Corrections are made without delay. The person from whom the incorrect data was received or to whom the data was disclosed will be notified of the correction. If the correction request is denied, the registry responsible person will provide a written certificate stating the reasons for the denial. The subject may refer the denial to the Data Protection Ombudsman for resolution.

Right to Restrict Processing: The data subject has the right to request the restriction of data processing, for example, if the personal data in the registry is incorrect. Contacts should be made to the registry responsible person.

Right to Object: The data subject has the right to request access to their personal data and the right to request the correction or deletion of their personal data. Requests can be directed to the registry contact person. If you act as a company’s or organization’s contact person, your data cannot be deleted during this time.
Right to Lodge a Complaint with a Supervisory Authority: If you believe that your personal data processing violates data protection regulations, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. You can also lodge a complaint in the member state where you have your habitual residence or workplace.

National Supervisory Authority Contact Information:

Data Protection Ombudsman’s Office
P.O. Box 800
Ratapihantie 9
00521 Helsinki
Phone: 029 56 66700

Other Rights Related to Personal Data Processing

The data subject has the right to prohibit the disclosure and processing of their data for direct marketing and other marketing purposes, to request the anonymization of data where applicable, and the right to be completely forgotten.


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