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Create unique control system solutions with high-quality purpose-built hardware. Our element-based product design offers rich features and practicality, supports extended lifespan, provides freedom and flexibility in integrations, and enables detailed product customization to meet your needs.

Master controllers & displays

Exertus master controllers are the heart of mobile machinery control systems, serving as the versatile central unit for complex configurations or providing all-in-one solutions for smaller setups.

Addressing diverse mobile machinery needs, our portfolio covers solutions from compact 3.5-inch displays to sophisticated 12-inch dual screen systems. The smaller displays are powered by an MCU-based platform, whereas our advanced controllers leverage an embedded Linux platform for multi-tasking capabilities.

Programmable controllers

Designed for flexibility, Exertus programmable controllers are ready to execute advanced control tasks. Utilize these controllers to perform distributed special functions within the control system or as an I/O extension for your setup.

All these controllers are programmable and serve as hybrid I/O modules. They can operate as programmable I/O units for sophisticated machine control operations or work as plug-and-play CANopen slaves.

Connectivity & network

Build and manage local and global connected machine fleets effortlessly with our connectivity-focused controllers. These products allow for seamless integration and control of internal and external systems of the machine, ensuring efficient and scalable connectivity solutions.

Custom products

Enjoy the benefits of standard products with the flexibility of tailormade solutions

Leveraging the advantages of our element-based design, we can provide optimal tailored and cost-effective solutions for mobile machinery.

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