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Smart Solutions for Mobile Machinery

Exertus specializes in providing advanced technology solutions and robust, feature-rich controllers tailored for the needs of mobile machinery.

From concept to feature evolution

Purpose-built products and sophisticated software solutions, implemented with modern technology

Exertus standard product offering consists of a variety of components for mobile machinery applications including master controllers, IO-controllers, displays, sensors, and connectivity devices. All the hardware we provide is constructed from thoroughly tested elements and equipped with Exertus base software, facilitating cost effective and agile customer application development.

Our element-based design approach brings significant benefits for your project such as highly accurate cost estimate for products and the entire development project. The aim is to create the optimal product exactly for your project without need to compromise.


Utilize extensive and easy-to-use technology for mobile machinery’s remote support and configurations, operative data exchange, virtual testing, and agile application development. Get to know Exertus technologies: Redi, Canto, Guitu and Vento.

Custom products

Leveraging the advantages of our element-based design, we can provide tailored solutions for mobile machinery with exceptional speed and efficiency.

System design

Professional system design and application development with the modern tools and methods to realize your ideas in the field of mobile machinery. Co-created with your development team or offered as a fully tested and validated turnkey solution.

Our products

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About Exertus

Since our establishment in 2003, we’ve grown from a small startup to a respected company as a viable player in the market of control systems for mobile machinery in Northern Europe. Our Southern Ostrobothnic roots are in Technology & Innovation center at Frami in Seinäjoki, and since then we have kept our local touch, even though our customers are scattered around the world.

+ 20 000
Controllers produced/yr with global manufacturing partner
+ 20 years
Experience in the digitalization of mobile machinery
+ 50
Dedicated professionals in field of control systems and electronics
Profitable growth
Maximize efficiency, unleash scalability

The strategic edge of element-based design in product development

Modular hardware design brings substantial benefits at every stage of the development project. Building on reliably tested and operationally proven elements, we can create high-quality, purpose-built products and applications way more efficiently than starting from scratch.

Exertus partners

Join our global partnership network

Succeed together with a proficient partner

We work closely with many leading suppliers and manufacturers across the Scandinavia, Europe, and the global market. Our work is driven by shared achievements and a commitment to meeting the end-user’s needs.

Boost your business growth and expand your portfolio

Opting for our robust, feature-rich hardware and versatile software solutions empowers you to adapt to your customers’ evolving needs. Detailed expertise in software development isn’t required – we assist with project kick-offs and adopting Exertus technology.

Adopt a customer-focused service mindset

In collaboration with our dedicated teams, you’ll develop your services, enhance customer service, and build long-term customer relationships.

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