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Third-Party Independent Technology Solutions with Open Interfaces for Mobile Machinery


Securely connected online networks


Comprehensive CAN analysis and configuration tool


An easy-to-use tool for application programming and configuration


Streamlined virtual testing tool

Mobile app platform

Starter kit for mobile app development

Securely connected online fleets

Connect your fleet of mobile machines and create a global network with Exertus Redi

Do you deliver mobile machinery worldwide and are you interested in getting a clear insight into the state of your machines and their usage to provide your customers with timely and efficient maintenance services ensuring best possible uptime?

The solution is Exertus Redi, which is a secure, two-way communication technology to connect your fleet of mobile machines, service centers, and operators in the same service network around the globe.

Redi enables you to monitor machine usage in real-time and allows you to maintain and update the machines’ software and parameter sets remotely. You can also provide remote support with Redi, giving operators instant assistance with issues regardless of distance.

Redi is fully scalable according to your needs, and its extension possibilities are massive. With us you are not stuck with limitations and fixed functionality; as always, we want to give you the freedom to create!

The connectivity is based on industry standard security solutions making sure your data will be safe and machines secured.

Contact us and let’s find out how we can make Redi to meet your business needs!

Redi stands out from many other technologies focused on data collection as it enables two-way communication in a single network.


The benefits of Exertus Redi

  • Improve your mobile machines’ uptime, provide predictive maintenance services, and identify misuse through the real-time CAN bus traffic and control system signals data gathered by Redi.

  • Manage CAN bus diagnostics and troubleshooting, remote updates and operator assistance with Redi.

  • Ensure process quality and efficiency by exchanging process information data with Redi. The two-way data transfer enables information exchange in various applications.

  • Control mobile machinery remotely in a difficult-to-access location with Exertus Redi. Both the machine and the process can be operated via remote control.

  • Redi allows also smooth interfacing with third-party systems. You can easily build systems and services based on the information produced by Redi. It can be integrated with all kinds of information systems, cloud based web services and dashboard solutions.

Comprehensive CAN analysis and configuration tool

Configure all CAN controllers of your system with Exertus Canto

Looking for an easy way to set up the whole control system? With Exertus Canto you can easily configure CAN devices from different manufacturers within your system.

Canto is a powerful tool for CAN bus diagnostics and configurations. The technology supports CANopen and J1939 standards. It is compatible with popular industry file formats.

When combined to Exertus Redi you can use Canto remotely to diagnose your machine signals and configure parameters.


The benefits of Canto

  • The control systems of mobile machinery often include various components. With Canto you can access all devices that are connected to the same CAN bus by a single tool. This enables the parameterization and configuration management of all components within the system, providing a unified approach to system management.

  • Visualize any of your CAN signals with Canto Watch -feature or create formatting that converts your binary data to easily understandable visual and text representations. Canto will assist you on understanding your data by calculating different key figures such as frequency, slope rate, min, max and average from the data set.

  • Canto is a powerful tool for monitoring and recording bus traffic, alongside keeping track of the status of system components. It conducts schedulability analyses to optimize bus traffic and performs analyses to manage the bus load effectively. Canto is capable of recording raw CAN bus traffic. This recorded data can then be played back, facilitating thorough analysis of the system’s operations.

    Canto supports Peak and Kvaser CAN-adapters; however, with Exertus embedded Linux controllers, you don’t even need CAN-adapters since you can directly use the controllers’ CAN-interface via Canto.

Graphical programming environment for easy application development

Develop applications for controllers with Exertus Guitu

Create your control system with ease; including UI, CAN-network, and application software.

Are you interested in adding completely new functionalities to your controllers but lack the necessary software development skills? Exertus Guitu is a low-code solution based on function block diagrams for user-friendly application programming.

With the help of an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, new applications can be programmed for controllers in as little as ten minutes. Anyone with a background in automation design can quickly master the features of Guitu. This significantly accelerates further development of your products, as there is no need to find software developers to implement every new idea.

The technology of Guitu is similar to IEC 61131-1 FBD (Function block diagram). We offer training packages to get started with Guitu – contact us and ask for details!


The benefits of Guitu

  • Develop various applications for your controllers with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

    For example, programming and configuring a joystick-controlled hydraulic valve takes about 5 minutes on Guitu’s graphical programming environment. When needed, you can configure the entire control system with Guitu, and should the system encompass a CAN display, it’s also possible to develop a graphical user interface within the same toolchain.

  • When using Exertus hardware in your mobile machinery, Guitu is an agile response to your end customers’ needs. With Guitu, creating applications for Exertus’ products can easily be handled in-house.

Integrated virtual testing tool

Create a hybrid testing environment with Exertus Vento

Would you like to streamline your virtual testing processes? Exertus Vento is a virtual testing and simulation tool, which is fully integrated to Exertus Guitu. When programming applications with Guitu, you can conveniently simulate your work with Vento.

Vento is a gateway for integrating machine models into the software development process as part of the virtual testing environment.

The testing environment includes virtual models of Exertus’ standard controllers as a default. Other hardware can be integrated into the same testing environment, either physically via CAN bus or virtually if available. You can also incorporate external machine models to Vento and complete HIL (hardware in the loop) simulation.

Vento executes the program in the same manner as a controller, utilizing an IO-adapter as an intermediary. Practically speaking, the IO-adapter serves a similar function to the wiring harness in a real machine, linking IO-modules to the machine and facilitating a connection to what the control system manages.


The benefits of Vento

  • Utilizing MATLAB Simulink API, Vento creates an effective hybrid testing environment. Just as easily, we can integrate to your Mevea simulation model or for example Unity 3D model. You can simulate control systems, the machines controlled by your systems, and the environment they are used in the same tool.

  • There’s no need to build a separate testing tool – you can test the features you’ve developed with just a few clicks.

Starter kit for mobile app development 

Create mobile software solutions for your machinery with the Exertus mobile app platform

Would you like to offer your customers enhanced opportunities for system monitoring and control on mobile devices? The Exertus mobile app platform streamlines the development of native Android and IOS applications. Utilizing our mobile app starter kit, you can effortlessly set up the mobile app’s core framework for Exertus’ controllers, paving the way for swift development of customized features, and the UI design of the application.

The Exertus mobile app platform works with Bluetooth enabled controllers. Our platform provides a two-way connection from the mobile app all the way to the controller.

Get started quickly and begin developing an app yourself. Contact us for detailed information!

The Exertus mobile app platform serves as a reference application with source code and creates the basis for your own mobile application development.