About us

Your Expert in Smart Solutions for Mobile Machinery

Exertus specializes in providing advanced technology solutions and robust, feature-rich controllers tailored for the needs of mobile machinery manufacturers and system integrators. To further support your product and process development efforts, we offer extensive system design services – co-created with your development team or delivered as a fully integrated turnkey solution.

From Brainstorm to Breakthrough

We make your mobile machine fleet and processes work smarter

With decades of expertise, our strength in agile software development is complemented by hands-on knowledge of the specific demands of mobile machinery functionalities.

We serve as a trusted partner for industry leaders and emerging businesses in the mobile machinery and equipment manufacturing sector. Exertus technologies and system design is behind the software of many market leaders.

Founded in 2003 and based in Seinäjoki, Finland, Exertus has grown to employ a dedicated team of 50 experienced professionals. Our commitment is to create innovative solutions for the mobile machinery sector by focusing on purposeful and reliable products, effective development cycles and customer-centric service.

Exertus in numbers

+ 10 Meur
+ 15%
Profitable growth
+ 20.000
Controllers produced/yr with global manufacturing partner
+ 20 years
Experience in the digitalization of mobile machinery
+ 50
Dedicated professionals in field of control systems and electronics
From concept to feature evolution

Purpose-built products and sophisticated software solutions, implemented with modern technology

Exertus standard product offering consists of a variety of components for mobile machinery applications including master controllers, IO-controllers, displays, sensors, and connectivity devices. All the hardware we provide is constructed from thoroughly tested elements and equipped with Exertus base software, facilitating cost effective and agile customer application development.

Our modular hardware design approach brings substantial benefits throughout the lifecycle of the product and allows us to create and support customized products with ease.

Tailored for your business and your customer needs, our element-based design approach ensures flexibility and precision in product customization, extending the lifespan of your machines even through technological revolutions.

Mastering agile software development with in-depth knowledge of mobile machinery applications and workflows

  • Exertus’ agile teams excel at translating your requirements into actionable, code-ready solutions. Thanks to our diverse experience in various projects, we hold a profound understanding of mobile machinery applications, the development processes, their challenges, and the most efficient solutions to address them swiftly.

  • Our modular, element-based product design offers great benefits for your development project, such as greater accuracy in cost estimation, swift development cycles, extended product lifespan and fully tested and field-proven solutions.

  • Our products are engineered for durability, providing the essential freedom and flexibility for the further development of intelligent processes and enhanced usability in mobile machinery. You’ll receive purpose-built and reliable products, all supported by rapid development cycles.

  • Freedom to choose correct technologies for each project allows us to create tailormade solutions effectively. C, Guitu scripts, Python, Rust – we know it.

  • Our technology provides open interfaces and generous opportunities for seamless integrations and further development.

Redi, Canto, Guitu, Vento & mobile app

Freedom to create, power to control – Exertus technologies

We deliver a complete suite of technology solutions featuring open interfaces, designed to seamlessly support every phase of development, optimizing, and evolving your mobile machinery for enhanced longevity and performance.

Create a global network with Exertus Redi, configure all controllers of your system with Exertus Canto, develop applications for controllers with Exertus Guitu and create a digital test environments with Exertus Vento. Besides that, our mobile app platform serves as a reference application with source code and creates the basis for your own mobile application development.

Exertus is part of Dacke Industri

Dacke Industri is a long-term owner who invests in innovative technology companies focusing on customized components and systems. Since June 2020 Exertus Oy became a part of Dacke Industri group.

Dacke Industri’s ambition is to grow with companies that focus on their own products as well as customized components and systems. Exertus will be an important part of Dacke Industri’s continued effort to build a cluster of companies within Electronics with the goal of helping customers to streamline their operations and strengthen the quality by providing products that enable monitoring and improvements in several application areas.