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Custom controllers

Enjoy the benefits of standard controllers with flexibility of tailormade solutions.

Have you faced challenges in finding the optimal solution for your needs from standard products? You know that you need a customized solution, but it seems too expensive and difficult. Maybe you have designed a controller on your own but realized that lifecycle management of an electronic product is not your core business, and you would like to concentrate on creating value for your customers instead of hunting components from brokers.

When compromise is not a solution, let us help you. Leveraging the advantages of our element-based design, we can provide tailored solutions for mobile machinery with exceptional speed and efficiency.

Purpose-built products

The key benefits of modular, block-based product design

Greater accuracy in cost estimation

Flexibility for changes during the project

Faster time to market

Tested and field-proven solutions

Lifecycle management together with our standard controllers

Exertus custom controllers 

Innovative solutions without compromises, offering a long lifecycle and predictable development costs

Our element-based design approach brings significant benefits for your project such as highly accurate cost estimate for products and the entire development project. The aim is to create the optimal product exactly for your project without need to compromise.

By utilizing carefully tested and field-proven design elements, with Exertus, your product’s time to market can be reduced by months.

Usually, software development and prototyping can be already started with our standard controllers. While customer products are being designed, this approach further reduces the risks of redesigns or surprises later.

After the initial development project, your custom controller will become part of the Exertus product portfolio, enjoying the full benefits of our lifecycle management and the continuous improvement efforts we apply to our standard products.

Exertus hardware is based on modular design elements, allowing us to offer fully customized products for the mobile machinery market cost-effectively and with rapid development cycles.

Maximize efficiency, unleash scalability

The strategic edge of element-based design in product development

Modular hardware design brings substantial benefits at every stage of the development project. Building on reliably tested and operationally proven elements, we can create high-quality, purpose-built products and applications way more efficiently than starting from scratch.

  • By streamlining system design, we enable more precise early cost estimations and faster time to market while still allowing flexible change management during the project.

  • By utilizing existing documentation and leveraging outcomes from previous tests, we can significantly improve the efficiency of product testing and production ramp-up. Furthermore, knowledge of hardware components, supply chain and processes in the production phase accelerates operations and ensures a smooth and high-quality workflow.

  • Modular element-based design streamlines lifecycle management and integrates all necessary updates into customized solutions easily. It simplifies enhancements and mitigates component risks, ensuring continuous operation.

Exertus’ modular element-based design results in purpose-built, high-quality products that are rigorously tested for reliability and tailored for a perfect fit.


Examples of Exertus custom products

Typical customization points include:

  • Number and type of IO
  • Added or removed features such as Sensors, Bluetooth & wifi or Display
  • Enclosure, physical dimensions

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