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Creating the world’s first hybrid harvester

Logset, a Finnish forest machine manufacturer, has over thirty years of experience building top-quality forest machines known for their durability and low fuel consumption. The company aims to support its customers throughout the machine’s lifespan.

Exertus and Logset have collaborated extensively on developing control system hardware and software for forest machines. Central to this partnership has been the development of hybrid machines, culminating in the launch of the world’s first hybrid harvester in 2016.

Solutions developed for Logset primarily utilize Exertus standard products, with a few custom implementations. The collaboration leverages Exertus’s technology, such as Canto, Guitu, and Vento, including digital twins for software testing. Over the years, the partnership has continued to evolve, including a complete overhaul of the control system.

“It has been a pleasure to work on this project. Logset operates on a scale larger than its size would suggest, carrying out incredibly sophisticated implementations and challenging major players with its innovative approach. Our cooperation is close, and in practice, everyone involved in the project is part of the same team.”

Sami Loukasmäki

Chief System Architect, Co-Founder, Exertus Oy

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