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System design

Professional system design and application development with the modern tools and methods to realize your ideas in the field of mobile machinery. Co-created with your development team or offered as a fully tested and validated turnkey solution.

Concept design

Functional safety

Application design

Model-based design

UX and UI design

Custom product design

System design services

Mastering intelligent mobile machinery systems at every step of the process

Exertus’ system design services cover all stages of creating smart systems for modern mobile machinery. The Exertus’ state of the art hardware products ensure that the functionalities of the machinery can be developed and enhanced throughout its entire lifecycle.

Our decades of expertise ensure efficient software development, enriched with a hands-on knowledge of mobile machinery applications, and use cases. Since the beginning we have been closely involved in the digitalization of the mobile machinery segment, gaining an in-depth understanding of the requirements, development processes, related challenges, and the cost-effective smart solutions.

Exertus’ professional teams excel at translating your requirements and your customers’ dreams into solutions, realized through advanced software and high-quality hardware.

Designing intelligent systems and applications

Application design services for mobile machinery

Do you have an ambitious vision to enhance your service and product portfolio with innovative features or to create something entirely new? With Exertus’ comprehensive application design tools and services, we can turn nearly any idea into reality – efficiently and affordably.

At Exertus, we go beyond merely executing your requests. We actively listen, analyse, and understand the core of your customers’ feedback. Our strategy involves proposing suggestions and solutions that do more than just meet your demands; they integrate seamlessly into your entire operation, always with an eye on functional safety, usability, and cost-effectiveness.

Our application design services offer a broad spectrum of tested and approved solutions, including control system backbone services, management of combustion and electric powertrains, control of hydraulic actuators, coordination of crane and implement functions, and control of various application-specific processes. We also specialize in human-machine interfaces and connectivity solutions.

Innovation and the freedom to create are at our company’s DNA – how about we join forces to pioneer totally new applications for your processes and products?

Application design services

This is how we design your mobile machines and processes to work smarter

Human-machine interfacing

Ease the machine operator’s workload

We design smart systems and applications for displays, control units, and other related products which the operator can use to control and monitor the equipment. Utilizing Exertus’ programmable hardware and system design tools & solutions, everything can be integrated under a single user interface.

Connectivity solutions

Enable secured communication link to your machines

We provide the secure connectivity solutions for two-way communication enabling remote troubleshooting, maintenance, and operator support from the service center.

Powertrain control

Enhance performance and fuel efficiency

We design solutions that enable efficient control of the engine, hybrid power-pack, transmission, and other powertrain-related equipment for optimal operation and efficiency. We have experience of controlling diesel, hybrid and fully electric powertrains.

Hydraulics control

Improve usability

Exertus’ products can control the entire hydraulic system. We design applications for optimizing control, ensuring precision and feel, improving energy efficiency, integrating essential functional safety features as well as automated control strategies.

Crane control

Enable safe, precise, and efficient operation

We can design manual/semi/fully automated control applications such as tip control technology for cranes to increase productivity of machinery. Exertus’ programmable IO-controllers have necessary performance to provide the operator with precise control over the machine.

Process control

Control and optimize the workflow

Exertus’ can develop applications to help you to manage the intended operations of your machinery precisely. For instance, in the forestry sector, the harvesting and cutting of trees can be highly automated to enhance productivity.

Innovative systems

Custom product design

Are you looking for an agile partner to implement customized solutions? Our diverse expertise in electronics design and application services greatly supports the development of fully customized systems.

Leveraging our modular, block-based approach to product customization, we provide solutions tailored to your needs. With Exertus hardware and software platform, you can enjoy the lifecycle benefits of an off-the-shelf controller with the flexibility of a custom controller.

Our products and systems are built for seamless generational transitions, offering flexibility and ease of use. Even in the face of technological revolutions and shifts in product lineup, our system design strategies allow for the straightforward upgrading of control systems without a complete overhaul of the machine’s functionality.

Digital testing and simulation

Model-based design

We develop agile solutions for testing and simulating mobile machinery components and systems. Leveraging MATLAB Simulink alongside our own technologies, we facilitate testing and simulation of mobile machinery from the initial design phase through production and onto further development.

Functional safety

Functional Safety Design ensures that systems operate safely and reliably, even in the event of failures. At Exertus, we incorporate this approach to prevent hazards, protect users, and comply with industry standards. By prioritizing functional safety design, we can deliver products that are safe, reliable, and compliant with international safety standards, instilling confidence and trust in our customers.

Virtualization and testing

We offer comprehensive solutions for virtualizing and testing both the software developed for machinery and the hardware controlled by the system. Exertus Vento is a gateway for integrating machine models into the software development process as part of the virtual testing environment.

System design

UX and UI design services

Our approach to UX and UI design extends beyond just the graphical interface, encompassing the design of display solutions that include intuitive control keypads and user-friendly hardware, ensuring an effortless user experience.

Exertus UX capabilities

  • Methods and principles used for creating user interfaces that provide a good user experience.

  • Standardized user interface templates or examples that serve as a reference for designing new interfaces.

  • Examination and evaluation of the user experience to identify areas for improvement and ensure user satisfaction.

  • Development and updates of specific user interface frameworks or tools, likely proprietary to Exertus.

  • Integration and use of external user interface technologies developed by other companies.

  • Hardware components related to Human-Machine Interface (HMI), facilitating interaction between users and machines.

In addition to crafting the UX and UI for our mobile machinery software solutions, we also prioritize developing hardware functionalities specifically designed to ensure a pleasant user experience.

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