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Boost your business growth and expand your portfolio for mobile machinery control systems. Opting for our robust, feature-rich hardware and versatile software solutions empowers you to adapt to your customers’ evolving needs. Our product design centres on flexibility and long lifespans supporting the business growth of our customers.

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Become a partner in mobile machinery excellence

Do you supply hydraulic or electronic components for mobile machinery manufacturers? Are you interested in new business opportunities by expanding into the control systems market?

If you’re set on providing your customers with a full suite of services, we’re here to help you expand your business. Our experienced teams are ready to guide you through the customer journey, offering everything from technical support and training to project implementation assistance, sales and marketing strategies, customer onboarding, and lifecycle management.

Broaden your business scope into mobile machinery control systems and provide your clients with purpose-built products and sophisticated software solutions implemented with modern technology.

Partner with Exertus

Rewarding collaborations for both top-tier integrators and emerging businesses

Our product line-up and modern technology empower leading integrators to develop sophisticated and cost-effective solutions for mobile machinery manufacturers. On the other hand, you don’t need to have an in-depth understanding of control systems and mobile machinery application development to utilize our products and tools.

The willingness to support the end-user in developing feature-rich products and the ability to provide local product support are excellent starting points for our collaboration. Contact us to discuss which partnership model would bring the greatest benefits!

As our partner, you can expand your offerings while increasing your expertise in mobile machinery control units. Anyone with a background in automation design can easily adopt our technology and develop new features for Exertus controllers & displays.

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Why partner with us?

Succeed together with a proficient partner

We work closely with many leading suppliers and manufacturers across the Scandinavia, Europe, and the global market. Our work is driven by shared achievements and a commitment to meeting the end-user’s needs.

Ensure comprehensive technical assistance   

We offer training packages and technical support to all our integration partners and clients. Detailed expertise in software development isn’t required – we assist with project kick-offs and adopting Exertus technology.

Speed up sales and marketing

We provide materials and guidance to help highlight the advantages of our partnership and share information about new products for your customers.

Adopt a customer-focused service mindset

In collaboration with our dedicated teams, you’ll develop your services, enhance customer service, and build long-term customer relationships.

Our partners

We’re proud to partner with these leading companies


Hydrastore is a leading supplier of hydraulic components, HPUs and systems, electronic control, radio control and electrification. The company holds an exclusive partnership with Exertus in the UK market.

PMC Hydraulics

PMC Hydraulics is the Nordic leader in innovative hydraulic systems and components for customers in the industrial, energy, mobile and marine sectors. The partnership between PMC Hydraulics and Exertus covers the resale of controllers and displays as well as system development.


TU sells and manages remote controls that remotely control cranes, winches, and equipment used in industrial, construction, mobile, and marine fields. In addition, by using the Exertuss Can-contollers, company can expect synergy by providing customized solutions as well as providing better integrated packages in conjunction with existing products.

Our partners

Collaboration with educational institutions and universities

Exertus collaborates closely with educational institutions locally and nationally, providing internship opportunities and thesis projects for future professionals.