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CDC2000X is a compact display and I/O controller in a small and robust package.

The unit has in small package quite rich set of interfaces such as RTOS (real time operating system), two CAN interfaces, RS232 and USB port. RTOS allows setting priorities so that one can be sure that important tasks are executed timely. The built-in Real-Time Clock allows logging events with a time stamp.

The unit has plenty of memory and it can take any role in a system from CAN NMT Master to secondary display.

The built-in alarm clock feature of RTC can be used for example to switch on the engine pre-heating system.

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  • Compact Display Controller

    • 3.5” colour TFT
    • 33 configurable I/O
    • Programmable via Guitu
    • Designed for operation at both 12 V and 24 V
    • Real Time Clock
    • 2 x CAN interfaces
    • USB interface Serial Port (RS232)
    • 11 programmable buttons

  • Technical Information

    • 8-32 V Operating voltage range (Protected against reverse polarity)
    • -30…+70 °C operating (surface) temperature range
    • -40…+80 °C storage temperature range
    • 3.5” TFT colour display (QVGA Resolution 320×240)
    • 50° Viewing angle • 32-bit microprocessor
    • 8MB RAM, 32 MB flash memory
    • IP67 aluminium housing
    • Weight: 0.95 kg
    • Main dimensions 250 mm(w) x 80 mm(h) x 41 mm(d)
    • Two 26 pin AMP Super Seal connectors
    • CAN Interface 2.0B, ISO 11898
    • Serial port interface RS232
    • Real time clock (RTC)

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