CAN Hub Module


The CH8SH is designed to be heart of machines CAN bus. It allows creation of star topology bus, which in turn improves reliability and fault tolerance. 

The M12 CAN connectors are designed to supply not only the bus but also supply voltage to the electronics of controller connected to it. The built-in protection monitors voltage in CAN lines and in fault case it switches off CAN to keep the rest of the CAN communication intact. Also outgoing current is monitored and in overload case it is switched off. 

The 3 additional LEDs in mid-section of the unit allow easy and fast basic diagnostics of the bus. The unit has built in CAN termination resistor that can be activated via connecting pin 5 to ground at power supply connector X9. 

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  • CAN Hub Module

    • 8 CAN ports
    • “Power and CAN OK” LED for each port
    • Protective features on CAN ports
    • 3 CAN diagnostics LEDs

  • Technical Information

    • 8–28 VDC Operating voltage range: Current consumption < 100mA (without external load) (Protected against reverse polarity) Absolute maximum and minimum: -0,6–32 VDC
    • -40…+85°C operating temperature range
    • IP67 aluminium housing • Weight 0.65kg
    • Main dimensions 160mm x 120mm x 37,6mm
    • 8x CAN connectors (for creating star topology bus)
    • Max 1.5A for each CAN connector for supplying electronics with built-in short circuit protection
    • Indicator LEDs: 8 pcs for “Power and CAN good” / 3 pcs CAN diagnostics

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